Over the past decade, the Solihull Shul has undergone a complete transformation and it has been transformed into a vibrant Community Centre that is in use every day of the week, The income of the congregation is sufficient to cover the day to day running costs of managing our building and paying our staff. However there is virtually no surplus to fund capital projects. We are extremely fortunate in being blessed with an extremely generous membership whose donations, together with grants received from charitable trusts have funded many of our capital projects.

In order to continue to meet the needs of our members there are a number of projects that have identified as areas that need improvement. Recognising that not every project will appeal to everybody in the same way, we have drawn up a list of projects. Any money donated to a specific project will be ring-fenced until sufficient funds have been received to allow the project to go ahead. To view the list click here.

To download a Gift Aid form, click here.