School Visits

For more information please contact our Visits Co-ordinator: Marina Kaplan – or 07825 611 562

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Solihull Shul is an independent Orthodox Synagogue situated in a quiet, leafy district of Solihull. We boast a small but ever-growing, friendly and enthusiastic Community.

We regularly welcome guests from near and far, ranging from local school children studying Judaism as part of the national curriculum to visitors from all over the world. We are delighted to offer local school children and other organised groups the opportunity to visit our Synagogue, and to learn more about how we practice our faith and help develop respect and tolerance for all citizens of the United Kingdom. CLICK HERE to submit a visit request online or CLICK HERE to download a printable form.

To ensure the safety of all users of our building we ask everyone to sanitise their hands prior to entry. Wearing of masks is encouraged but not mandatory. We have ample ventilation and suggest that you dress warmly if the weather is cold as we will have more doors and windows open than usual.

Anyone with symptoms of COVID are requested not to enter our campus.

Prior To Your Visit

  • We are open for visits year round Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10.00 am – 3.00 pm, on Thursday we can only host groups of up to 40 pupils and on Friday we are only open in the morning. We are not open on Jewish Religious Holidays.
  • We can host up to 90 pupils in one group.
  • The visits usually last about an hour.
  • As we are entirely funded by donations we do ask for a donation of £2.00 per pupil (minimum of £55.00 per visit).
  • There is car park access for small coaches and mini buses. Large Coaches usually park on Monastery Drive adjacent to our entrance gates.
  • We have facilities for children to eat packed lunches, and a safe play area for young children outside the building. There will be a charge of £10 per group to cover our cleaning costs.
  • The Synagogue is on one level and there is easy access for pupils in a wheelchair.
  • You are welcome to take photos or videos during your visit although for security reasons we would prefer it if you did not post these on any websites or social media.
  • Due to past problems in chasing up payments we can no longer confirm a booking until payment has been received.  If payment is not received in full 14 days before the visit date the booking will be cancelled.

The Tour

We will do our best to match the visit to the age and expectations of our visitors. A typical visit includes:

• A general introduction to the synagogue, Jewish traditions, customs and festivals.
• An explanation of the various religious items within the synagogue.
• A look inside the Ark, and an opportunity to see a real handwritten Torah scroll up close.
• An explanation of any other topics that you would like us to cover.
• There is plenty of time to ask questions during and at the end of the visit.

A visit to the Synagogue helps children absorb the lessons that they have learned in school as part of their introduction to Judaism When pupils have been fully prepared for the visit, they derive the maximum benefit.
The following link gives a brief overview of what you can expect to see during your visit.

Should you wish to visit the Synagogue prior to bringing your pupils we would be delighted to help you work out a mutually convenient time.


We have a Judaica resource shop on the premises, which can supply you with artefacts for teaching RE. You are welcome to make an advance visit to browse our stock or email us with a request for a specific item which we can have available for you to pick up on the day of your visit.
We also have a library with a large number of books, DVDs and teaching aids that you are welcome to browse through.
We look forward to welcoming you to our synagogue.

For more information please contact our Visits Co-ordinator: Marina Kaplan – or 07825 611 562