Wish List

Solihull & District Hebrew Congregation Wish List

How Can I Best Help SDHC Today?

Revenue Items                                                                               Capital Items

Sponsor Regular Shabbat Morning Kiddush

Cost: £30.00

10 Grid Combi Oven

Cost: £10,000

Sponsor SDHC’s Yom Kippur Break Fast Refreshments

Cost: £150

Resurface Left Part of Carpark

Cost: £10,000

Sponsor SDHC’s Rosh Hashona Honey Cake

Cost: £150

Refurbish Cloak Room & Disabled Toilet

Cost: £8,000

Sponsor SDHC’s Annual Sukkot Party

Cost: £250

Milk Kitchen Equipment

New Crockery

Cost £950.00

Sponsor SDHC’s Annual Chanukah Party

Cost: £250

Commercial Dish Washer – Milk Kitchen

Cost: £1,800

Sponsor SDHC’s Annual Purim Party

Cost: £250

10 Litre Commercial Dough Mixer

Cost: £850.00

Sponsor SDHC’s Website & Internet Facilities

Cost: £50 per month; £600 per year

Retractable Canopy Roof for Sukkah

Cost: £2,500

Sponsor One Issue of Hakol

Cost: £100

Upgrade Fire Alarm System

Cost: £3,500

Defray Cost of SDHC’s Gas and Electricity

Cost: £75 per week

New furniture for the Shul.

Cost: £18,000

Defray Landscaping and Building Maintenance

Cost: £100 per week

Cold Store
Cost: £15,000
Defray Cost of SDHC’s Insurance Premiums

£300 per month

Special Naming Opportunities

Parts of our Community Centre are available to be permanently named in honour of a donor or person of the donor’s choosing.

Communal Hall £15,000 Milk Kitchen £5,000
Lobby/Kiddush Area £7,500 Meat Kitchen £5,000