What’s On

Pre Rosh Hashona Trip to London 15th September 10.00 am
Sukkos Dinner 13th October 6.00 pm
Sukkos Party (Granby Close) 17th October 6.30 pm
Simchas Torah Hakofos & Lunch 22nd October 10.15 am
Mayor of Solihull Visit to Thursday Club 7th November 11.30 am
Trip to Sheffield 10th November 10.00 am
Klezmer & Kartoffell 14th December 7.30 pm
Public Menorah Lighting 22nd December 6.30 pm
Chanoch Pink’s Tefillin Breakfast 29th December 10.00 am
Friday Night Meal 10th January

6.30 pm
Chanoch Pink’s Barmitzvah 29th February 10.00 am
Purim Party (Granby Close) 9th March 7.15 pm
Purim Meal 10th March 5.00 pm
Pre-Pesach Shopping Trip to London 29th March 10.00 am
Communal Seder 8th April 8.00 pm
Lag B Omer Bonfire & BBQ 12th May 5.30 pm
Shavuos Lunch 29th May 12.30 pm
Summer BBQ 12th July 12.00 pm