Shavuot Timetable

Thursday 25th May

Light Candles at 8.55 pm

Mincha 9.00 pm (Granby Close)

Maariv followed by Late Night Cheesecake and Whisky Study Session 10.00 pm (Granby Close)

Friday 26th JuneFirst Day Shavuos


Shachris 10.30 am

Cheesecake Kiddush 11.15 am

Reading of the Ten Commandments 11.30 am

Shavuos Lunch 12.30 pm

Light Candles 8.00 pm

Kabbollas Shabbos & Maariv followed by Kiddush 8.00 pm

Saturday 27th May – Second Day Shavuos

Shachris and Yizkor followed by Kiddush 10.30 am

Mincha followed by Seuda Shelishit 8.00 pm

Yomtov Ends 10.18 pm