COVID-19 Secure Set Up for Solihull Shul

We look forward to welcoming you at Solihull Shul over the coming High Holy Days.

We will endeavour, as always to make your experience with us enjoyable, meaningful and uplifting. At this time, we understand that it may be the first time many people are coming back to Shul in many months, and we all have a responsibility to look after ourselves and others and ensure everyone’s safety. 

We have carefully looked at the guidelines from the Government and Rabbi Pink has been in consultation with Public Health England and the Chief Rabbis Office and we are sure you will all understand and respect the precautions we are putting in place. Our building has been adapted to meet COVID-19 safety requirements and ensure that the requirements for social distancing, building capacity, safe walking routes, seating configuration etc. have all been met. 

  1. There will be ample seating in the garden for those that wish to sit outside. The Chazan will be situated in between the indoor and outdoor seating areas so that everyone can hear well.

2. All the pews have been removed from the shul and replaced with chairs, this has allowed us to configure the distancing properly. All chairs will be thoroughly cleaned in between each service.

3. Chairs have been configured to be 2m apart from each other in all directions. Members of the same household will be placed next to each other to increase capacity.

4. Entry will only be allowed to people who have pre-booked. You will be allocated a named place and it is important that everybody please adheres to social distancing and sits in their allocated seats.

5. Hand Sanitisers have been fixed to the entry doors and everyone will be requested to sanitise their hands before entering the building. Signage will display the correct and most effective methods of handwashing and using hand sanitiser. Waste paper bins will be available for the safe disposal of paper towels, tissues etc.

6. Everyone entering the building must wear a mask,  the room will be well ventilated with all windows and doors kept open. There will be a limited amount of seating available in a covered outdoor seating area adjacent to the fire escape available for those unable to wear a mask.  There will be masks available for those who have forgotten to bring their own.

7. The bima and lectern will be surrounded with perspex screens to prevent any spread of airborne particles.

8. There will be a box of gloves adjacent to the Ark and those asked to open the Ark will be required to don a pair of gloves before touching the curtain. 

9. There will be no loud singing other than from the chazan. You may sing along with the chazan at the same volume that you would normally talk. 

10. The building will be cleaned regularly with particular attention to door handles, hard surfaces, bathrooms and handrails. 

11. There will be seperate entry and exit points for the building.

12. The service will be considerably shorter than normal. We ask everyone to attend on time to allow the services to begin and end promptly. 

13. The Rabbi will stand adjacent to an open external door while blowing the shofar.

14. There will be additional outdoor shofar blowings throughout the day for those who do not wish to enter the building.  

15. If you use a Shul Machzor or Talis and are returning for the next service, please leave it on your seat so that you can reuse it. If not, it will need to be quarantined and sanisitsed before being used by someone else, so please put it in the boxes provided for this before you leave.

16. Every minyan will have a Corona Warden who is fully empowered to ensure safe behavior. The Rabbi will halt davening or other activities if the Corona Warden is being ignored.

17. A record will be kept of attendees to ensure that the Government track and trace requirements can be activated if necessary.

18. If you have booked and do not show up, this will prevent others from attending, so please do let us know if you need to cancel.

There will be a live streamed Service with Rosh Hashona Highlights prior to the commencement of Rosh Hashona and a live streamed Kol Nidrei Service prior to Yom Kippur starting for those unable to attend the Services. 

If anyone is unable to attend Shul and would like to hear the Shofar, Rabbi Pink will endeavour for someone to come and blow the Shofar in their garden for them.

If anyone would like any more information about the precautions in place to ensure a secure and safe environment for all then please contact Rabbi Pink 0121 706 8736 or